What You Need to Know About TENS Pads

TENS unit electrode pads are an important part of any electronic pulse massager. They are basically the pads that contain the electrodes and are the only item that makes contact with your skin during a TENS treatment.

The TENS pads connect to your best TENS unit for home use by way of wires that receive the low level voltage from the massager control box and send them to the electrode pads. You can control the level and intensity of the massage by using the functions on each individual TENS unit.


Because the electric pulses need to be delivered to the areas you are trying to treat, the TENS machine pads will see a lot more direct action than any other part of the massager.


The Importance Of Where To Place TENS Unit Pads


You really need to pay attention to the location you put the TENS Unit Electrode Pads in order to get the maximum benefit from a treatment. For a beginner there are some basic, simple guidelines to follow to assist with receiving an effective treatment.

Where is the pain located? This may sound obvious, but when you start to try to pinpoint the exact location, you will eventually see that most pain affects a large area. In actual fact most pain originates from a much smaller spot. Once you locate the precise source of the pain, mark it for reference.

 Where to place electrodes for tens unit?

First off, never use just a single pad. The best TENS unit for home use massagers are designed in such a way that if you use one channel you need to use two pads. If you use two channels (if your unit has two) you will need to use four pads.

The placement of the TENS pads is crucial to your treatment. They should not touch and must be at least one inch apart. Remember, the further apart the pads are, the level of effectiveness decreases.

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You may be wondering where to place the tens unit pads, what direction should the pads actually go? There is a bit of trial and error involved here but the TENS unit pads can be applied in vertical, horizontal and angulated directions. The location of the pain you are treating should guide your somewhat on direction.

How Long do TENS Unit Electrode Pads Last?

The life of a set of TENS unit pads is determined by how often they are used. As you are required to keep your skin and pads clean, the best part is that you can purchase replacement pads when you need them.


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