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While added by default, the Tainted repository is not enabled by default. This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 09:38. If you want to download Mageia 7 and try it for yourself, you can get the ISO here. Mageia 7 comes with a huge variety of desktops and window managers, improved support for Wayland and hybrid graphics cards. More than that, it actually did something really cool. As was the case with Mandrake and Mandriva Linux, KDE is the main and the most used environment. Based on that schedule, Mageia 7 will be supported until December 30, 2020. You must opt-in during the installation process. It is a community project supported by the non-profit Mageia.Org organization of elected contributors. Since then, the developers have released one major upgrade each year with support for 18 months. That is why so many distributions exist. Mageia does not have SELinux or any other hardening security-framework. The curriculum is designed for students with any level of experience or previous knowledge. Pingback: Mageia 7 Beta 3 lançado com o KDE Plasma 5.15.4 e kernel 5. You will have to install something manually to make it look acceptable. The Mageia developers share the significant packages that have been updated below. Booting into a Live environment requires answering 20 questions about language, do you accept a license, timezone, "best time" (that's obviously lunchtime but there's no such choice) and keyboard. We tested and reviewed the Xfce desktop version and found it to be somewhat unpolished. And use the Reader Comments feature below to provide your input! By default, this Welcome Screen runs at each subsequent boot. The Mageia distro comes with something many Linux distros ignore. It was developed by a team of former employees of the France-based commercial software company that folded Mandriva. Urpmi handles dependencies automatically. Mageia 7.1 with support for the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs has been released The timing for Mageia 7, just prior to the recent release of the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series of CPU’s, didn’t play nicely. The Mageia distro is a prime example of how freedom and choice are the hallmarks of open source operating systems. Oh, too bad, you cannot! I decided to go with the latter. It runs on a reasonably low-powered set of requirements. Package management is handled by a RPM front-end ("dependency solver") called urpmi. It also includes live media with Plasma, GNOME, and Xfce desktop environments. Mageia is a reliable OS for most hardware, including most i586 and x86_64 computer systems. Summing up, Mageia is a good operating system derived from Mandriva. The installer never asks you to create a user account or set any root password. There's two options for each, with our without novidya binary blob drivers. It appears to have mostly the same switches and options other similar tools like dnf and apt has. Which of these technology gifts would you most like to receive? Most of Xfce panel plugins are not installed by default so you will have to add those manually if you want more. Mageia 7rc was released June 2019 and it is very close to what will be the final version 7. Mageia Linux – Full Review and Hands-on By Gary Sims / Apr 28, 2014 Updated May 26, 2020 / Linux In the late 1990’s, before Ubuntu existed, when Debian was just starting out, and when Fedora was still Red Hat Linux, there were only a handful of major distributions. It has a minimum storage (HDD or SSD) requirement of 5 GB, although 20 GB is ideal. The operating system is at a very early stage, so it shouldn't be used for normal day to day use -- there will be bugs. It comes with proprietary drivers for NVidia graphics hardware as well as other proprietary drivers. For example, this repository includes Nvidia and AMD/ATI proprietary graphics card drivers, firmware for various WiFi cards. And it isn't very user-friendly, someone installing Linux for the first time won't know how to extract a theme to $HOME/.local/share/themes. It also has support for rich dependencies and more detailed transaction information while performing actions. Why Are Homes and Autos Still Built the Old Fashioned Way? Encrypting a disk in mageia is not an issue as far as I have tested, and switching on SELinux neither. After all, the machine has an Nvidia card. Something you love or would like to get to know? Mageia will ask a few more questions like if you want a graphical or text-based bootloader. The rest of the initial boot sequence is decidedly old-school. July 4, 2019, noon. The Nonfree repository includes packages that are free-of-charge and free to redistribute. I have not seen such a wide range of options in any other distro. Mageia is a fine and mature distribution which is easy to use but it does have it's shortcomings. Toward that end, the installation process gives users several options in selecting software. Mageia uses systemd as init and service-manager. Note that we're still adding issues from the list of bugs in our Bugzilla that still need an errata entry for Mageia 7. (Well, no issues not of my own doing) The other, the laptop, was running v. 6 and I upgraded it to v. 7 via the online upgrade last December; the upgrade went quite smoothly. A quick impression of Mageia 7 Desktop Magiea 7 release includes classical installers with both 32-bit and 64-bit varieties. Download Mageia 7. This feature about encryption being super-important is just a joke. Mageia is equally forgiving on other hardware configurations. Its goal is to develop a free Linux-based operating system. These depend on the type of license applied to each package. This is done upon your first boot. It was started as a fork of Mandriva (Mandrake) Linux in 2011 when a group of employees jumped ship from the now defuct Mandriva S.A corporation. One reason for Mageia's solid reputation is its independent status. With some recent hardware, the boot stops after selecting the Grub entry, but before that the kernel comes in action. Starting a system installation is a simple matter of clicking that icon and Next. It also has lots of new features and support for very recent hardware. Mageia is developed by and forits community of users, and is suitable for all kinds of users, from first-time GNU/Linux users to advanced developers or system administrators. You couldn't find much negative to say about the updates, other than people will have to update from time to time due to updates not being rolling. If you're looking to try out a Linux distro that is not based on Ubuntu, Mageia 7 might be worth your consideration. Mageia has a lot going for it. Mageia is one name that is frequently mentioned. In addition to these desktops, most of the popular desktop environments and window managers are easily accessible in Mageia repositories. There are Xfce, KDE Plasma and Gnome editions available. It is a solid operating system well suited to both newcomers and seasoned Linux users alike. GTK themes and icon themes are severely lacking, the out-of-the-box options aren't there and the package manager has nothing when you search for "icon" or "theme". For a full MATE Desktop experience, install the task-mate package after initial installation. Install your preferred window manager and enable it in the login menu of your display manager. Mageia's default Xfce desktop alright but it's not perfect. It strives to become a credible and recognized community in the free software world. I receive a regular influx of reader comments recommending favorite distros to use. Reviews; Mageia is a user friendly, desktop-oriented Linux distribution. Wayland and hybrid graphics cards. Download Mageia 7. Wayland is a display protocol slowly replacing X11 video. It also includes all the binary firmware blobs required for many of the Linux kernel's free drivers. This may seem trivial but it is something other distributions nailed down long ago. just browse the support fora of any "user friendly" distribution, to see how a (not so) new user has lost everything because they (and the users/helpers whom frequent those fora) do not have the skills to recover from a borked encrypted system. Before even beginning an installation of a GNU/Linux distribution there are a few things that the distribution can provide its users for a smooth installation experience -- besides a good installer. There is also a KDE Plasma desktop version and some foot thing. The Mageia project is community-based and is maintained by a nonprofit organization ( DNF was forked from YUM several years ago. In order to offer an "ad-filled experience" and maximize our profits, LinuxReviews would very much like you to allow our Google AdSense ad-partner to use tracking and cookies so we can show ads from them on our website. Specifically desktop themes, icon themes and that kind of thing. Hi Arindam, great review as always, I've always visited your blog for couple of months now, since it offers great review and distro benchmarking. The Mageia distro is … Mageia 7 redefines the concept of traditional Linux. The LiveUSB (or DVD) image boots into a friendly blue screen where you can choose to start a live environment or go directly to the installer. email your ideas to me, and I'll consider them for a future Linux Picks and Pans column. Deepin Linux: Security Threat or Safe to Use? You can solve that need by selecting the Nonfree online repository. The installer then copies many files, asks what default boot option you want and it's done. The Xfce desktop is one of the most recognizable platforms. Meet the Mageia Welcome application. Included is improved support for It arrives two years after the release of Mageia 6 -- so unsurprisingly, the changelog is fairly long. That's an interesting design-decision and one which, quite frankly, is horrible in so many ways. Indeed, at this point the distro proceeded to actually build the 340.xx driver, and while this did take a little time, it was a success. It will therefore work fine with just about any laptop or desktop, old or new, with no need to install additional drivers. They are available in Mageia's online repositories as fully integrated desktop add-ons. Teams had to be put together, servers and hosting and the required development environments set up, etc. Mageia 7 redefines the concept of traditional Linux. The default settings are fine. SELinux is just mentioned because it's one of those features a few people will be interested in and most won't so it is important to just mention if it's there or not so those who are interested get the information. As someone who moved one system from Mandriva 2012.2 to Mageia 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 then 6 on one single system, without ever having to go through full installation from media (cd-rom not working, no USB-booting on that laptop), I fail to see what you're trying to complain about. Learn More. The first boot: A Windows Vista Experience, Linux distributions category for more distributions,, Overtaking Proprietary Software Without Writing Code, Learn to compress and decompress archives with tar, Learn how to convert video files with ffmpeg, Learn to lists the ports a system is listening on, see a games FPS Second and other data in a HUD overlay, use the numeric keyboard keys as mouse in XOrg, It's got a rather in-depth and helpful wiki at. It has lived up to its potential. Thus; it is what we used for the purpose of this review. Mageia 7rc was released June 2019 and it is very close to what will be the final version 7. LXDE is a very lightweight GTK+2-based desktop environment. The alternative and better weather widget available doesn't run at all because unlike with other distros the qtquick-xmllistmodel dependency is not available. You install Conky Manager from their repo and neither the included scripts or anything you add yourself will run. It has a detailed, updated user guide that eliminates all the confusion and frustration of learning a new operating system. Several writers have shared that they tried Mageia Linux as a replacement for a current distro that was not living up to expectations. Cybersecurity Conundrum: Who's Responsible for Securing IoT Networks? There's more counters to make (what is novidya? The rpmdrake package management system is used by Linux Standard Base (LSB)-compliant distributions for the low-level handling of packages. What gives Mageia Linux its edge is its independence. End-users can choose from KDE and GNOME 64 bit Live DVD editions, 32 bit and 64 bit Xfce live DVD editions, and any environment in the full DVD installation edition.. There is also a KDE Plasma desktop version and some foot thing. Installing software with RPMdrake is easy; just search for what you'd like, click the check-box and press Apply. Mageia 7 immediately starts downloading updates the first time you boot your brand new installation. Mageia 7 Review Supplement: Pre-Installation. It offers a GNOME 2 style environment with an expanded feature set and a look and feel that rivals MATE. The set of the "Core" media along with "Core Release" and "Core Updates" are enabled by default. The curriculum is designed for students with any level of experience or previous knowledge. You can add additional application packages. Security and bug fixes are available for each new release and the immediately preceding release from the Mageia Control Center. This latest version, released July 1, is a serious contender to replace whatever OS is on your hard drive now. ), but I think I wasted enough time... All in all: weird review, needs polish, just not slick enough. You can opt for the GNOME 2 look and feel, or GNOME 3, which provides a Gnome Classic session. No. If you like computing on the edge, install plasma-workspace-wayland to try out the Wayland display manager integration. It is processor-agnostic. Some of the major packages that ship with Mageia 7: Click here to see the full list of included software. Full disk encryption may not be important to some but to me it's a question of either a) I can use full disk encryption or b) I'll find some other distribution which has it. You can manage software using the graphical RPMdrake software manager. You can go right ahead and play the latest version of SuperTuxKart or install kdenlive and do video-editing. The Enlightenment desktop in Mageia does not install all the specialized Enlightenment-branded applications, but the desktop Enlightenment shell is a nice start. Mageia 7 has updated software throughout the system; it uses a 5.1 series kernel (5.1.5 as of now), Xorg 1.20.4 and MESA 19.1 as a graphics stack. Whom Can We Trust to Safeguard Healthcare Data? 20 minutes later the first-boot updating is done and Mageia prompts you to configure a root password and a username and password. MATE 1.22.0 is a classic GNOME 2 integration that provides an old school Linux look and feel. Another option is to keep the Mageia 7 installation very lightweight by using small and efficient window managers instead of a dedicated desktop environment. 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It will eventually bring up the desktop environment for the edition you downloaded. Adwaita is made for some foot OS without menus and the menu-bar in programs like Thunar look broken with that theme. Mageia 7 Beta 3 has been released Everyone at Mageia is very happy to get the final beta release before Mageia 7 out for testing! However, it is not very user-friendly and it is not done in 20 seconds if you're not the expert. You also can use the alternative package manager, DNF (Dandified Yum). Mageia 7 redefines the concept of traditional Linux. The community introduced DNF as an alternative to urpmi since Mageia 6. It uses Mageia Control Center. The latest KDE Plasma release displays a modern and clean main menu. Software packages in this repository may infringe on patents and copyright laws in some countries. There's categories to browse and a search-tool. The latest … Linux dispels the notion that one universal computing platform must define the features and functionality for all users. There's two panels extending the full horizontal length and default panel applications, tray and menu (Whisker Menu) have sane good-looking defaults. Mageia 6 will be supported until September 30th, 2019. Cinnamon 4.0 is a full-featured desktop alternative popularized by the developers of Linux Mint. It runs on any AMD, Intel or VIA processor. Beyond those choices, you can install other desktops from a list of alternatives. Of course, there is still a lot of work to come before Mageia 7 is ready: a big Qt and Plasma update , a Gnome update (3.32 as soon it is released), and more checks on 32-bit hardware as well as the artwork for Mageia 7. It provides something that most Linux distros fail to achieve. Boot Some recent Intel systems. The project makes separate installation ISO images for the GNOME 3 and KDE desktop environments available for download.

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