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Here is info on general Orchid Care. Would it be better to let them soak a bit longer? Remember not to overwater because it can cause root rot and other diseases. And we even recommend how much -- 3 ice cubes per week. How does that happen? They reside in a south window thats “low E” maybe I should move them to a southeast window. Do it every two years without fail. Miracle-Gro Orchid Plant Food Mist – Huge Fertilizer Ripoff, Ginkgo Biloba Tree Myths – The Maidenhair Tree, Plants Don’t Produce Oxygen (O2) From Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Understanding Soil – A New Course Offered by Mother Earth News, Neem Oil Insecticide and Fungicide For Plants, Increasing Humidity for Indoor Plants – What Works and What Doesn’t, The Myth of Growing High Nutrient Density Food. If you like this post, please share ....... Error type: "Forbidden". It's just a marketing scheme. Every few days it just needs an ice cube. Wait for the ice to melt. This morning when we looked it was almost completely clean of these bugs but not in the main places like where the new growth is coming in and some of the roots. I am definitely taking and using your advice on all three orchids from now on forward. After the blossoms wilted, i cut the spike down to about 2 or 3 inches and covered it in cinnamon(to prevent infection). Graham Ross on how to repot orchids Using ice cubes to water plants has long been considered houseplant folklore, yet some plant parents on social media swear by it. After all the flowers have fallen off your orchid, you have several options. If the current pot is big enough – don’t go to a larger pot. About half had opened up but the rest were buds. It turns out that the cold does not harm the roots, nor does it shorten the flowering season. Thanks again. Since then there has been some research to see if ice cubes harm phalaenopsis orchids. Hi Robert, I always wanted to know how an orchids can produce 2 or more new healthy spikes with lots of branches of new flowers just like the orchids I see from the store? Interesting post which probably explains how my house orchids thrive on neglect. Do Marigolds Stop Cabbage Worms – Is this Good Companion Planting? Orchids will be fine without water for 3 weeks. I appreciate your advice. This is the great orchid debate. You can stick your finger into the pot and if it feels wet – don’t water. Then add about 20 mls baby oil. See my post called Bloom Booster – Fertilizer Nonsense #5. It is better to be in a small pot than one too large. Here are the three most common myths about the ice cube … For real, ice cubes. I knew nothing about orchids but always thought they were beautiful. Going to lose the the sphagnum asap and going to repot the one that is over two years old. Until you do – use your finger. Report Orchids every two years. This is probably the best option for a new orchid owner. 5. Watering orchids with the ice cube method is unlikely to have caused the flowers to drop; they may have simply been old. You refer to ‘feeding ice cubes’. Though common orchid care encourages the ice cube method, we don’t recommend it. I need help caring for this orchid, because I do not want it to die. At first I didn’t do this, but then read a lot of the “expert” advice on the Web that said that ice cubes were the way to go. The drenching method has been espoused by experienced orchid-growers with great success for years. Get the medium size. The flowers are almost done, but there is more growth getting ready to go at the end of the spikes. . I go by the size of the plant. Watering Frequency. I have a question. Well grown plants have bigger leaves than those not grown well. 65-85°F, never below 55°F. And my husband gets the 90% rubbing alcohol is that too strong? I would replace that stuff as soon as the orchid stops blooming. Here is info on I have also written this about Orchid Care. I like the soaking idea. If your orchid loses all of its flowers, you should cut the flower stalk about an inch from the main stalk, water it and stick it in a window with indirect sunlight. For larger orchids, use two ice cubes a week. And you’re thinking about applying ice water to its roots? Flowering in orchids is mostly triggered by a change in temperature, usually a drop in temperature. Whatever your care challenge, we have a solution. I’ve had my Orchids on the kitchen windowsill for years and read they shouldn’t be in full sunshine which they were so moved then onto a shelf next to the window in another part of the room, since doing this the blooms have died very quickly and they don’t look to happy! Other orchids will hate you until the day they die if you “ice cube” them. They do need water – they don’t need ice. Won’t the ice cubes be too cold for the orchid?” – Janet Riles Calgary, Alberta . I have read on various sites that it is a good idea to cut the stem down to the bottom or between two knodes after it has flowered. If roots are too wet – they rot and die. I really enjoyed reading the article. If you live in the desert, it might be very dry in summer and you need to water more often than me. The point of using ice cubes is that they melt slowly – releasing the water in a slow drip. Place in a bright, well lit location, avoid direct sunlight. Although they’re quite hard to look after sometimes, when you get it right the rewards are that much sweeter. I know that doesn’t help you very much so I’ll give you a simple way to water properly. My daughter has given me a white Phal. When you are done, drain the water out and watering is complete. Having said that a lot of newly purchased orchids are in very tiny pots and should be moved into larger ones. i now have just bark chips and shes sending up her first spike in 4 years. There are … Eggshells - How Not to Use Them in the Garden, Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society. That is what I wrote when I first made this post. I know it requires more water and space. The intent here was good. I always wondered about the ice cubes. You may have trouble getting all of them in the aquarium. The ice cube, adding cinnamon for fungus, over-watering, over-pruning, too much sun exposure, they’re all easy answers and often easy mistakes we make caring for orchids. Old potting medium kills orchids. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize how easy it is. It doesn’t rain ice cubes! A few nights next to a cool – not freezing – window will do the trick. My daughter gave me a small orchid for Valentine’s Day. Freezing water kills bad bugs and saves your innocent orchid plant from fungal infection and other bacteria-borne diseases, at least that’s what they said. But why not simply learn to water when the pots are dry? That I have right. 3 Simple Care Steps. Thank you for your advice on watering. Mealybugs are covered with a hairy surface which makes it hard for water to penetrate. for more on this have a look at several posts on orchids here: If they are sticky, you used too much baby oil, in which case you can wipe some off. Just Add Ice Anthuriums 3 Simple Care Steps. Both water and fertilizer are soaked up by the roots. The buds remained & subsequently opened & are doing fine. It is probably the change in light or temperature. Can you please help, I ask how old, because I don’t know how long the orchid is, to re-pot, please help, I love my orchids and don’t want to lose them, they are my new hobby and my center for peace and serenity. The leaves on my mothers day orchid all seem to be falling off. Why not just put it in the freezer for a day? Over time the media starts to break down which creates a susceptible environment to root rot. I keep thinking it should have some dirt too. And orchid roots need lots of air. Soaking longer than 15 minutes will not change much unless your media is not taking up water. Having been born and raised on a fruit & vegetable farm I feel really dumb that I can’t figure this out! Being dry for an extended period of time will encourage your plant to flower sooner. The ice cubes should not touch the leaves or the stem of the plant. That does not make sense. I think there is a misconception regarding Ice. Here are some specifics for successful ice cube watering.One thing you may find yourself wondering is “what size should the ice cubes be?” since there seems to be no standard size or shape anymore. Thanks. It means they release water in a slow drip. So, although i enjoy your article, I have to respectfully disagree with your statement that feeding an orchid ice cubes is dumb. As long as that’s the case, the size of the cube is only an issue if it’s crushed ice. Watering Orchids With Ice Cubes, by Robert Pavlis. I always use any fertilizer at 1/4 to /12 strength. Plants with smaller flowers tend to have smaller leaves. I am going to quit this ice cube nonsense & try your method. ", though I find that hard to understand.) Phalaenopsis are epiphytes which means that in nature they live in trees and not in the ground. I have always water them where I let them soak for 15 min and then dump out the water but now they are drying out super super fast. Do you mean exact orientation needs to be maintained? It looks like the orchid may be planted in the correct media or something similar to it but there are so many roots it almost looks root bound. A 1/2 hour soak works well, but 10 minutes is enough time. Or one or two for smaller orchids. You can also try the ice cube method by simply dropping 3-4 ice cubes on the plant container for a week. Best Lighting for Orchids I do have a question..does my orchid need to be in a pot with drain holes in the bottom? Here at Just Add Ice Orchids, we love orchids and have tested our theory before offering it to others. It certainly does. So in theory you should report 2 years after buying them. but ive noticed two new leave sprouting… so maybe its still a go! At one point I grew over 1,000 orchids in my home – I know a bit about this subject. im wondering why these 2 plantz were put in the same pot. Thanks! Warning: ice does not damage roots, but it will damage the leaves. The results from the experiment show that ice cubes are a practical way to water Phalaenopsis orchids grown in bark media. I will give this a try. Watering your orchid plant with ice cubes is pretty easy. A 6 inch pot is lots for a large flowered phal. I have a question about crowded roots. What does the size of the leaves mean on a Phil… if anything? Use whatever you give other potted plants. Flower stems do not have velamen. Do you have to wait until the orchid is finished flowering before you repot? You don’t need to add anything else to the potting medium. probably in Asia. Natural Weed Killers - Do Organic Herbicides Work? More sun produces bigger leaves. Don’t water if there is any moisture in the pot. I would change the watering as follows. There is another plant surrounding the orchid. doesnt say how much. This experiment might help convince customers to water less: Orchids – Do They Need Water? If they are not shinny you either used to little or you did not shake enough. You can post a question on our Facebook Group: It said to water with ice cubes…so glad I didn’t! 65 … Thank you so much for your straightforward, no nonsense explanation of how to water orchids. when the blooms fade, how far back do you cut the stem? How long would it take to completely drown them the bugs if the fish can’t get them all? If they are in sphagnum moss, I would report as soon as the flowers are done. Thanks for all this great info. The all-important ICE question! You don’t have to wait, but it is the best advice for new gardeners – less stress on the plant. There are more orchid species in the world than any other plant group. However leaf size also depends on genetics. Then repot every 2 years with no exception. Then report every 2 years. For potting medium, I suggest either bark chunks or coconut husk chunks. The idea of watering orchids with ice cubes placed on top of the container has often been promoted as an easy care method. As to moving or rotating. When you buy the orchid there is a good chance that it has been potted in sphagnum moss. Take better care of your orchid plants with this surprising hack that guarantees you won’t over water ever again. If the sphagnum stays wet for more than 5 days try taking some out – too much will keep the roots too wet. Well one of them ended up with Mealybugs on it and as I searched for answers that I can afford, my husband decided to submerge the whole thing in out 75 gallon aquarium and let the fish have at the bugs infesting my plant. Jul 4, 2016 - Wondering how using ice to water your Phalaneopsis orchid works? After i did extensive research to make sure I’d have a spike come back. Orchids roots are extremely sensitive to salts – more so than other house plants. 3 Simple Care Steps. It should melt down to about a ¼ cup of water. Then report once blooms are done. I have read it both ways. If you forget to water for a few days, or you are away on holidays for a couple of weeks, don’t worry. im also in the planning stage of developing a campsite and hope to include some natural ponds in the landscape!! Separate as soon as possible and throw the instructions away. I got a phalaenopsis for Mothers day. Too much salt – fertilizer is a salt – kills orchids. Common advice says orchids need about 1/4 as much fertilizer as other house plants. I am contemplating purchasing a programmable drip watering system designed to be used to water houseplants so my 6 orchids (4 four inch pots and 2 six inch pots) will be watered when I take a 3 week vacation to Japan this fall. It will certainly help to keep this wonderful flower alive much longer. Take better care of your orchid plants with this surprising hack that guarantees you won’t over water ever again. But just to be fair to all the orchids on your shelf, don’t use ice cubes … Many of you think orchids are difficult plants to keep in the home – they are not! Use rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) on a cotton swab on larger surfaces. The exact size or the shape of such a cube is not relevant. Following a routine of a fixed number of days does not make sense because orchids can use the humidity in the home as a water source and that changes throughout the year. a green leaf prolific vine like plant that will be hanging below the pot soon. We asked an expert from Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. Orchid Care: It soaks up water quickly and turns a greenish color. West did not work (no direct sun due to tree outside) I will label all my pots and repot every two years. Before I talk about taking care of your orchid, lets set the stage. If you are an orchid enthusiast, and grow the weird orchids, you don’t need to read this post. Taking care of indoor orchids is a rewarding hobby since they are extremely beautiful. The first concern with ice cubes is that a few ice cubes once a week would not create that drenched-bark humidity that will emulate a tropical forest for a week’s time.

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