Handheld Mini UV Light


UV Light, Handheld UV Light Mini Portable UV Light for Home Hotel Office





  • [Environmental Friendly] This UV sanitizer light do not produce HG and ozone, safe and environmental protect. Ultraviolet irradiation for 3 minutes can kill 95% of the remaining bacteria and viruses.
  • [Widely Use] This hand held UV germicidal light can be used at home, kitchen, bathroom, office, hotel. It can be a toothbrush sanitizer, phone cleaner, jewelry cleaner, makeup brush cleaner, shoe odor eliminator or UV shoe deodorizer, UV sanitizer of your bed, pillow, gym bag, locker, yoga mat, toy box and other small enclosed spaces.
  • [Lightweight & Portable] Small and exquisite designed Ultra UV light is convenient to carry with. It can be put in your pocket and bag, you can use UV disinfection whatever you are at any time. Ergonomic designed with the longer shape, more comfortable and safe to use.
  • [USB Powered] This UV sanitizer light is USB powered, it can be connected to wall charger, power bank or laptop USB port to charge. Charge for 2 hours and it can be used for 3-5 hours.
  • [Warm Tips] UV exposure will damage human skin and eyes. When disinfecting, avoid looking directly at the UV disinfection stick. Do not use the UV lamp to illuminate the human body, animals and/or plants.


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