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Nettle seed are so packed with nutrients that one teaspoon a day is enough. For those interested in biochemistry, the ‘feel-good’ factor from eating raw, dried nettle seeds is caused by the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and serotonin, closely followed by choline and histamine. It stimulates the autonomic nervous system, improves mood and heightens sensory perception, attention span, vigilance and intuition. Posted in Autumn, Herbs, Nettle, Spring, Summer, Wildcrafting | 38 Comments, Thank you so much. It would depend on what the condition is and the person’s individual case as to whether it would be one of my first choices though. Genc Z, Yarat A, Tunali-Akbay T, et al. You … You can usually tell when things start to lose their vibrancy by the colour starting to grey and the taste fading. You should leave roughly one inch of space between each plant. Washing nettles. Photograph by author, Kate Martignier. Keep the growing stinging nettle seeds moist. Stinging Nettle Identification and Harvest. Nettle Seed Whole . Can be propagated via cuttings, but also think about a containment strategy once established. Incidentally, acetylcholine in nettle venom may well explain why the ancient practice of urtification for pain relief actually works! You may also direct sow nettle greens in the garden. Make sure you wear thick gloves and long sleeves and jeans when harvesting nettle. Nettles in full sun will flower before those in the shade and will also produce seeds earlier. Seeds remain on the plant until frost when they fall to the ground. We are located in Mansfield, Mo. And I still have some to try as I need. Victor Hugo in Les Miserables confirmed that “the seed of the nettle mingled with fodder imparts a gloss to the coats of animals” and the seeds were once used to fatten up fowl. Learn more about the health benefits of stinging nettle and how to get them. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Think I’ll make some tincture out of both stages of the seeds, also. Is this the effect on the adrenals having a balancing effect throughout the endocrine system? and now in Petaluma, Ca. J Med Food. Compared to many other seeds, nettle seeds are soft and could be eaten just like that but are better mixed in for example smoothies, yogurt and porridge. Cut nettles back before they seed so they don’t spread out of control. To nettle some one is to annoy them; to grasp the nettle - face up to an unpleasant situation; nettle rash (urticaria) - a hot itchy skin condition; to urticate - cause a stinging or prickling sensation; and we even have a special word for whipping ourselves with nettles – urtification! ( Log Out /  Firstly, they are a very nutritious food. Started in 1998 by Jere Gettle, as a means to preserve heirloom seeds. It's our aim to make more seeds, more accessible to more people. So next time that you pass a derelict building site, jump a country ditch or take out the compost, watch out for the nettles and take a second look at this remarkable plant. She runs foraging walks and teaches wild food and wild medicine across Scotland ( Anytime from the end of July to around now depending on the site and where you live. You can use this method for planting too. But aren’t ready to harvest until they look like this. gratitude for your info. Please refer to this article for more information. You are in a great position now because you can harvest both types and compare them. The seed must be crushed first and soaked in the vodka for up to 3 weeks before straining off. Once planted, stinging nettles need to be cultivated to keep the plants under control, as they may become invasive if … So, in the spirit of making things clearer, I thought I’d post a few more photos to show those of you who’d like a bit more info exactly what nettles look like at different times of the year, how the seed should look when you pick it and how it looks when it’s dried. Some gardeners recommend that the herb seeds have a cold treatment before germinating. Next time I’ll know not to get rid of them while throwing a fit about my lousy harvest timing . When is the best time of year to harvest nettle seeds please. Urtica dioica. One note of caution: be careful when eating nettle seed not to exceed 30 grams a day. Also Known As – Urtica dioica Wild Crafted USA, Gifford Pinchot Forrest Washington State . kind regards, Paul. Can I still use them? I have some from last year too, wondering if they still as effective. To start, tamp the small seeds lightly into the soil or cover with a thin layer of soil (1/4"). Heartful sharing of knowledge, thankyou! 4.4 out of 5 stars 22. Nettle seeds can be made into a tincture, macerate them in 40% ethanol or infuse them in vinegar (ratio 1:5 - seeds: liquid). Drying nettle seed in the dehydrator. How interesting, yes nettles are something of a pregnancy super food! Hi Ron, yes I am but very intermittently as you see! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Nettle seeds are suitable for children. Using nettle seed. Buy vegetable, greens, herb, flower and cover crop seeds for garden and farm. In the 16th century nettle seed was crushed and then soaked in wine, you can also infuse the crushed seeds in vinegar. When dry, take small handfuls of the seeds and rub through a sieve. Wishing you well! This is a tip that I heard from my friend Alice Bettany - the herbalist at Sacred Seeds. Stinging nettle is not just a plant that causes irritation when touched. Those I bundle, two bundles to each piece of string, and hang them up to dry. Stinging nettles are great wildlife attractors: caterpillars of the small tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies use them as foodplants; ladybirds feast on the aphids that shelter among them; and seed-eating birds enjoy their autumn spoils. This is such a gorgeous site and so heart opening! Parts Used: All aerial parts, seeds, root. Peat pots work great for nettles. Pic: Nettle seed stalks, hung up in bundles to dry. In the 18th century, Elizabeth Blackwell recommended it for “coughs, shortness of breath and obstructions of the lungs” and it had a history of use in consumption (pulmonary tuberculosis). Then, wearing rubber gloves, I rub the seed off into a bowl. Nowadays medical herbalists mainly use nettle seed to increase energy, as an anti-inflammatory and as a highly effective kidney trophorestorative. The Veined Nettle is mainly for decoration purposes only., Tackling anxiety with herbs – Hawthorn Rising. Harvesting nettle root requires finesses and caution. Download this Premium Photo about Hands in white gloves collecting nettle seeds, and discover more than 6 Million Professional Stock Photos on Freepik Collect beginning in late Winter in temperate climates. I feel the green seeds have more nutrients in them myself but you might feel different. If you want to grow some, these seed heads will provide hundreds of seeds. Our bodies use linoleic and linolenic acids to make the important essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. Grasp it like a man of mettle, And it soft as silk remains. Genevieve, Thank you Genevieve, it makes writing this site so worthwhile to read a comment like this Nettles come up in Spring at which time you can harvest them for soups, to eat raw, to add to juices, vinegars, teas or enjoy as a steamed or cooked green. We use only wild nettle seeds in our products. I’ve just harvested a bunch. I found only a Swiss recipy that show how touse them cooked a little bit to add to salads. I tried o gently blow them off but only succeeded in almost loosing a portion of seeds !! 04 of 05. Crush the seeds in a pestle and mortar, then infuse them in sunflower oil in a warm place for a week or two. The plants are starting into the seeding stage, but still plenty of folliage. Culpeper (1616-1654) also claimed that “the seed being drank, is a remedy against the stinging of venomous creatures, the biting of mad dogs, the poisonous qualities of hemlock, henbane, nightshade, mandrake, or other such like herbs that stupefy or dull the senses” but I have yet to find supporting evidence of that claim. They were at the “ripening into seeds” stage. To collect seeds, it’s important to wait until they are fully mature and ready for harvest. This is why in herbal medicine it is used as a tonic for fatigue and adrenal exhaustion; for people who are burnt-out, run down and low in energy, zest for life and libido. Your site is lovely. Acetylcholine binds to the mood receptors in our brains. Crush the seeds before soaking them in liquid for 4 weeks. These days, when picking nettle seed, I pick stalks in seed. In the fall they can be used to make cordage - especially good for water cordage, like nets (hence the name). Most of the nettles growing near me are the perennial Urtica dioica but if the annual Urtica urens is more abundant near you then do remember when collecting seeds that the success of next year’s new plants depends on them. Cnidoscolus texanus, commonly known as Texas bullnettle (also Texas bull nettle and Texas bull-nettle), tread-softly, mala mujer, and finger rot, is a perennial herb covered with stinging hairs.The main stem, branches, leaves, and seed pods are all covered with hispid or glass-like bristly hairs that release an allergenic toxin upon contact. The small grey green strands; can be used for a tea? Change ). Water, as necessary, to keep the soil moist. We supply seeds to Australian gardeners. Best not to use the leaves on the plants that have gone to seed but if there is a place where they have been cut back you can use the fresh re-growth at any point before flowering. Collect nettle in a bucket. Don’t try adding them to juices though as they float and are hard to drink! I want to use it for psoriasis. Collect the green seeds rather than the brown or black. The seeds of this perennial are considered a super food with adaptogenic properties. Interested to hear anyones experiences. After hanging the stems to allow the insects to escape, cut off the small strands of seeds and allow to air dry or use a dehydrator like this one. we just harvested a lot of nettle seed and are now dehydrating them in our NESCO dehydrator. The third planting method for nettle is to plant in a container. They should be fine, I personally wait till they are at the green seed stage to use them but I have read a couple of American herbalists saying that they use them more at the ripening stage. Photograph by author, Kate Martignier. Nettle is perennial and has a rhizomatic growth habit. We only sell open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural & non-GMO! Nettle makes a nice hair rinse. Stinging nettle produces abundant seed. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Later, as summer starts to warm up, the nettles begin to flower at which time they are no longer good for eating. Or just cut back half the patch and you’ll have both! I hope that answers some of your questions. They still look like seeds though. It helped the old lags become sprightly again with high spirits and shiny coats. Nettle seed is a standard botanical and is commonly found as an ingredient in tinctures and other herbal preparations. Nettle seeds need light to germinate, so you should use a small amount of soil to cover them. However, clinical trials are limited. I hope you’re still responding to comments Are the instructions here appropriate if I want to save seeds for for planting next season? I threw them out before I saw your respone. If you get them out before they set seed they can be added to compost or dug in as a green manure crop. July- Oct. Nov- Jan. Agathis australis. Some seed substitutions may apply. Question, I’m in Michigan. If I wait until they are ready, it may be too late to cut the stalks for regrowth! The process of collecting them is tedious, “stinging” and long, that to be done at the hottest part of the day. To harvest nettle seed, I cut off the top third of each nettle and dry them on a sheet or brown paper in the sunshine, turning them occasionally until the leaves feel crisp. If starting the seeds indoors, freeze the herb seeds for several weeks before sowing the Stinging Nettle seeds. Harvest with gloves or with your bare hand and a firm grip. They are part of our linguistic culture too. I’m interested in learning more. Thanks a lot for your answer and sorry for my English! Use this table to check for the optimal time of year for collection, as well as what to look for when collecting native seeds of trees and shrubs. As members of the mint family, these plants have square stems, toothy-edged leaves, and a spreading habit (read: they can go crazy). by Monica Wilde MSc FLS What proof alcohol do you find best to tincture the seeds? I did harvest some at the green stage now. Stinging Nettle identification of this bountiful wild edible is quick and easy. Nettle is native to Europe but now grows in damp fertile soils virtually throughout the world.

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